The M.P.F. Quality Assurance System specifically applies to the production of quality pipework fabrication, bracketry, pump skids and other related fabrications by a small specialist team all of whom have direct contact with the items being produced. The various functions and activities that affect quality are identified, documented, controlled and recorded to the requirements set down, in the Company Quality Manual and Procedures Manual.

The following additional services are regularly used and available to our Clients:

  1. Brackets / Hangers & Fabrication Of Bracketry
  2. Galvanising after Manufacture to BS729.
  3. Shot Blasting.
  4. Powder Coating.
  5. Plastic Coating (Skotchote 206N).
  6. Pipe Radiusing.
  7. Plate Rolling.
  8. Swaging.
  9. Machining.
  10. Bright Zinc Plating
  11. Radiographic testing.


Brackets / Hangers & Fabrication Of Bracketry

MPF carry an extrensive range of brackets, hangers and fixings meaning we can supply and deliver a complete package of pipework and associated hanging materials to site. This means no down time as all materials needed for a paticular job are on hand. From angle cleats, anchors, filbows, studding, screws, nuts, bolts, washers, munsen rings, unistrut, saddle brackets, top hat brackets, window / loop brackets etc we cater for all bracket requirements ! 

Additionally we are able to supply fabricated, bespoke bracket items / materials to suit your specific requirments. Fabricated from either Channel or Angle Iron we are able to offer : gallows, cantelever and goal-post brackets to suit all on-site needs. If you can provide a sketch or drawing, we can make it. These can also be Galvanised or Powder Coated if needed.

Roll Grooving
Roll grooves are produced on purpose made machine in accordance with the standards and limits laid down and published by Victaulic Systems Ltd. Special circumference tapes are used for checking the accuracy of the grooves on a continuous basis.

Threads are cut on automatic threading machines in accordance with BS 21 and checked for accuracy using gauges and gauging system described therein.

Spray Painting
Our purpose built paint spraying facility ensures all pipework leaving the premises has a high build spray finish.

Curing Oven
Our bespoke cataytic paint curing oven ensures the correct paint curing process on our gloss paint lines.

Health & Safety Policy
The company is committed to effectively managing its Health & Safety Policy in the workplace assisted by our Consultants NFU Mutual who ensure that we are aware of relevant changes in legislation and Good Practice.

Environmental Policy
Mechanical & Pipework are committed to continuous improvement in managing environmental issues including the proper management of its waste, the reduction of pollution and emissions and compliance with environmental legislation and codes of practice. Only approved and certificated contractors are used in the disposal/recycling of our manufacturing process waste product.